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Granular Permissions on KPIs

STAGE: In planning

While it is often important to limit data access to admins, the problem comes when the same “Manage Data” permission for data sources limits key Gtmhub features like dynamically tracking KPIs and Key Results and creating Dynamic Key Results from an Insightboard. We are working to improve "Manage Data" permissions, and this is a continuation of that release.

We are creating new granular permissions to cover KPIs to allow people access, while still having control of edit rights.

Users with Manage KPIs permissions will be able to:

  • create own KPI

  • See the existing KPIs created by other users except:

    • If the user can’t ‘read’ a KPI (excluded via Granular permissions)

    • If restricted by data connection permissions (coming later)

  • Can edit/delete/update KPI or KPI snapshot cells if the user is added:

    • As an owner or

    • Included via granular permission: edit/delete/update

For KPI groups:

Everyone with ‘Manage KPIs’ can

  • Create KPI group

  • Rename KPI group

  • Favorite KPI group

Everyone who is either:

  • Owner or/and

  • Have delete granular permission for all KPIs inside the group can delete the KPI group

All other user will not see the ‘delete’ option in the dropdown menu.

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