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A look at what you can now do faster with Quantive Results

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

The new year has taken off. A common theme arises when we look back at the last several months: speed. Isn't doing more impactful work faster truly what matters?

We hope you are as excited as we are to look at everything we did and the exciting things coming up.

What we did...

We made it faster to find the information you need

A new look for your home dashboard with customizable widgets, OKR views and OKR watching for easy access to what you want to track, and advanced OKR alignment search filters with intelligent suggestions to effectively align your OKRs.

We made it faster to create comprehensive OKRs

Key Result milestones quickly define progress expectations and delivery rate, AI-guided OKR suggestions were expanded to Scale customers, and there is more flexibility with cascaded Key Results being applied to decreasing Key Results types.

We made it faster to collaborate and link outputs to OKRs

Check-ins were the star of the show with increasing accountability by linking OKRs and KPIs within Check-ins, relaying information from outside conversations with comments and reactions, and the ability to submit Check-ins whenever through the mobile app.

What we are going to do...

There are exciting things on the horizon for 2024. We are all in on making it faster to link the work being done to your strategy and KPIs, while also embracing the full power of AI to help streamline everything from operations to critical strategic decisions.

Stay tuned!

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