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Simplify OKR alignment with advanced search filters

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

Alignment - a word all too common in every business. Quantive Results is dedicated to helping organizations improve alignment through OKRs, and while the solution shows powerful results, OKR alignment can quickly become difficult when coordinating numerous teams.

As the number of teams using OKRs grows and the time to align new OKRs comes up in the cycle, it can become unclear the best way to align new OKRs. In fact, nearly 40% of Quantive Results' customers face challenges with OKR alignment, especially in Enterprise organizations.

To help solve alignment issues, we are excited to announce our advanced OKR alignment search filters, offering intelligent suggestions to help teams effectively align their OKRs.

Maximizing OKR success with simplified alignment

The new advanced alignment search capability makes discovering the right OKRs for alignment easy. Intelligent suggestions help enhance the overall alignment process and contribute to the success of organizational goals.

  • Effortless OKR identification
    Help users easily identify the right OKRs for alignment through intelligent suggestions based on the hierarchy, and robust filtering options, allowing users to drill down further with name, owner, and specific session.

  • Enhanced team collaboration
    Streamline the alignment process, improving team collaboration and reducing the risks associated with a lack of cross-functional alignment.

  • Greater efficiency and impact
    With the capability to quickly locate and align relevant OKRs, users can achieve increased efficiency and success of their OKR programs, leading to more impactful outcomes.


Advanced OKR alignment search is available for all customers on Enterprise plans.

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