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A more comprehensive view of progress with cascaded Key Results

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

We are happy to announce improvements to our cascading Key Results capability in Quantive Results. With this update, cascading Key Results can now be applied to the decreasing Key Results types while also allowing syncing beyond the value-related updates, including all subjective updates such as notes, custom field changes, and confidence level.

A comprehensive view of progress

The cascading Key Results feature is a powerful capability that allows businesses to specify how much each contributing Key Result counts towards a parent Key Result. These cascading Key Result improvements ensure you can track your progress more comprehensively, including subjective updates that can be equally essential as value-related ones.

  • Get a full picture of progress
    The ability to apply cascading for decrease to Key Result types provides a full picture of progress for even decreasing targets.

  • Better reflection of progress and updates
    Changes to Key Result notes, custom fields, and confidence levels are all important aspects of measuring progress. Syncing all subjective updates with cascading Key Results ensures an accurate representation of progress toward the parent Key Results.

The cascading Key results update offers a seamless experience, allowing you to better analyze progress, and ensuring more insights for effective decision-making.


Cascading Key Results is available for all customers on Scale and Enterprise plans.

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Log in to your account to start cascading your Key Results with more confidence, or visit our help article to learn how to cascade Key Results.

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