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Your home dashboard got a new look!

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

OKRs are about driving focus, and your home dashboard is your command center for staying on track. We have gathered feedback from our customers and are excited to launch an improved home experience to help you know what to do faster while putting more customization at your fingertips.

Your new home dashboard

Here are the improvements you will find in your new home dashboard.

  • More intuitive and personalized
    OKRs, Check-ins, Whiteboards, and To-dos are structured into separate widgets, making a clearer way to view items you own and take important actions on time.

  • Customize for what matters
    Beyond the OKRs widget, you can customize your own home dashboard, from the size and placement of each widget, to put what you care about most first.

  • Better insights to guide prioritizing
    Quickly access key insights on OKRs, updates on your team Check-ins, and more to easily prioritize what needs to be addressed.

Customize your new home with ease

  • Rearrange your widgets using drag and drop, or by hitting the ellipsis menu within each widget to resize or move the section on your home dashboard.

  • Resize your widgets by toggling full width on or off within the ellipsis menu. The My OKRs widget is set to full width only.

  • Explore more insights on progress by expanding the righthand panel within the OKRs widget.

  • Take action in your to-do widget by easily updating Key Results, submitting Check-ins, and changing the status of tasks.

You can switch between the old and new versions of the home from Profile > Edit Profile > New home until February 1st, 2024

Time to explore

Login to your account and start customizing your new homepage! For additional guidance, you can reference our help articles to learn more about how to customize and rearrange home widgets.

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