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Improve team transparency with comments and reactions in Check-ins

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

Another Check-ins improvement is rolling in with commenting and reactions available within Check-in updates. This improvement is another way your teams can relay information, changes, and insights from outside conversations where the work is documented, ensuring your teams stay transparent and increase engagement on the strategic projects in play.

Engage with more transparency

The new ability to comment and react on Check-ins is one of the best ways to increase transparency among your team by allowing additional context and adjustments on the work being done to stay in the most relevant place.


Comments and reactions in Check-ins are available for all customers on Scale or Enterprise plans with access to the Check-ins feature.

Log in to your account to start engaging with your team member's Check-ins, or learn more about how to use Check-ins.

What's coming next

More exciting updates are coming next for Check-ins, including linking to OKRs and KPIs.

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