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A Continued Commitment to Making OKRs Accessible for All

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

At Quantive, we understand the importance of inclusivity and stand firm in designing a product that delivers equal value to all users, inclusive of their individual needs or abilities.

Our commitment

Quantive's accessibility commitment for Quantive Results is built around our product foundation and design standards, guided by the WCAG principles. We uphold consistency in conducting Accessibility Audits, continually identifying areas of improvement to heighten the user experience.

In our efforts towards accessibility, we've made significant strides, focusing on optimizing the most frequently used user flows. This proactive approach ensures:

  • Inclusivity: We ensure everyone who actively participates in setting and tracking their Objectives and Key Results can complete all necessary actions.

  • Enhanced User Experience: We create a more intuitive and user-friendly platform to elevate the overall user experience, driving higher satisfaction and engagement.

  • Compliance with Accessibility Standards: We increase our WCAG compliance level and showcase our commitment to inclusivity.

By prioritizing the most used flows in Quantive Results, we are paving the way for a diverse range of users to engage fully and efficiently with Quantive Results.

Our journey so far

Previously, we've made the left navigation panel, home page, and Check-ins flow accessible - all the way from improving focus states of actionable items to adding alternative texts and enhancing color contrast for better visibility.

In recent improvements, we have refined our user interface to work seamlessly with various assistive technologies like screen readers and keyboard navigation. We have prioritized additional user flows that would empower users to effortlessly create, update, and track their Objectives and Key Results, which include the following areas:

  • Signing into Quantive Results

  • Creating an Objective and Key Result

  • Viewing and Editing an Objective or Key Result

  • Updating a Key Result

  • Creating or viewing a Task

A guide to Accessibility for Quantive Results

Alongside our public Accessibility statement that further defines our commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible platform, we're thrilled to share that we now have a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

This fundamental document communicates the accessibility compliance level of Quantive Results, serving as a guide for customers and prospects to make informed decisions and compare the accessibility compliance of similar solutions.

Stay tuned, as there's more to come. We're committed to continually optimizing Quantive Results, surging towards our goal of becoming a WCAG certified OKR software.

Here's to a more accessible, user-friendly, and inclusive future with Quantive!

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