Q4 - 2023
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Make Quantive Results Accessible and Easy To Use for All

STAGE: Released

Why Accessibility?

WCAG standards exist to help organizations create websites and platforms that are easy to use for users with any disability. Accessibility is not only important to our own team members at Quantive, it is also important for many organizations that are required to only use software that meets WCAG standards.

Read more about our design standards and ongoing commitment to Accessibility.

Accessibility in Quantive Results

There are different stages of WCAG Compliance to become certified. We are taking small and big strides to ensure Quantive becomes a WCAG-certified OKR software. Our focus is on ensuring the workflows in Quantive Results surrounding OKRs are accessible to users, which include:

  • Platform navigation menu

  • The home dashboard

  • Creating and editing an Objective

  • Creating and editing a Key Result

  • Updating a Key Result

Accessibility is an ongoing project, but we will continue to prioritize the most impactful enhancements for our customers.

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