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OKR Practitioner Certification

STAGE: Released

Gtmhub is launching the OKR Practitioner Certification to give individuals and organizations the education and tools to implement and optimize their OKR programs.

The OKR Practitioner Certification is a half-day course, guided by one of Gtmhub's Customer Success experts and is for individuals looking to improve their contribution to the OKR process through writing, aligning and embedding outcome-focused OKRs into their work.

The course will cover:

  • History – learn how OKRs came about, why they came about, and what value they've brought to modern businesses.  

  • Value – learn about the value attributed to OKRs with empirical evidence to support the OKR methodology.  

  • Writing outcome-focused OKRs – for OKRs to be effective, they must be outcome-focused.  Take a deep dive into the benefits of outcome-focused OKRs, the methodologies that underpin writing good OKRs, alignment within teams and organizations, and learn about tracking and updating OKR progress effectively. 

  • Hands-on with Feedback – put your learning into practice in interactive, real-world scenarios.  Guided by our Customer Success experts, you'll practice writing and embedding OKRs in the Gtmhub platform and gain the skills to realign OKRs that you can take back to your team.  

To register your interest, visit the signup page here.

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