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Weekly Product Roundup for 08.19.2022

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

This week, Gtmhub's releases focused on improving the user experience of the platform. We have released beta testing on a new navigation experience to help define improvements to the navigation before a wider release. Also, we have released improvements to the Org Chart within Gtmhub, allowing easier navigation and the ability to do more within the Org Chart itself. Check out what's new:

New Navigation Experience (Beta Testing)

What's new? We have released beta testing for a new navigation experience. In our continual strive for improvement and our pursuit of market-leading User Experience, we are looking at ways to improve the navigation of Gtmhub. In the recent beta testing release, updates included the ability to add items to Favorites, a Suggested section, a Notifications Bell, options to Switch Accounts, and a reworked Settings Screen.

Want to learn more? To find out more about the beta testing, check whether your account is included in the test, or request to be included, visit the full release note here.

Improved Org Chart - Quickly Manage Teams and Members at Scale

What's new? We have improved the Org Chart within Gtmhub to improve the navigation and allow you to manage teams and members without leaving the Org Chart. Gtmhub and the OKR Methodology are designed to help your organisation close the strategy execution gap and grow. As part of this growth, you will likely have to increase your capacity with new hires and recruitment, either adding new employees, teams, or departments. The improved Org Chart allows you to manage these changes to personnel at scale while improving the usability.

Want to learn more? Visit our full release note here.

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As well as improving the User Experience of the Gtmhub platform, we have added updates to the Gtmhub Mobile App to improve the experience and make getting your OKRs on-the-go even easier.

Add Comments Under KR Updates (Mobile)

We're constantly evolving our Gtmhub Mobile App to allow you to get your OKRs on-the-go. We have added the ability to add comments under KR updates in the Mobile App to show praise, ask a question, or react with an emoji. Previously the Mobile App had only supported comments under Objectives - not anymore! To see the updates for yourself, or to get your OKRs on-the-go, download the mobile app here.

New Roadmap Features

Here are new features that were added to our Product Roadmap:

  • Related Items (Phase 1). Often the progress of one OKR or KR directly affects the progress of another OKR or KR. We are making it possible to create two-way linking between OKRs or KRs within the same Session or another Session to display this relationship. To find out more about what can be linked, visit the full roadmap entry here.

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