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The Hub and Other Improvements

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

We’re happy to announce these updates to Gtmhub! 

The Hub 

We created a Hub for you. We want all our users to know what they need to do next. Need to update your Key Result? Want to add a note so you can keep your team in the loop? We’ll have it in your Hub. We’ll keep all the items you need to address in one place, so you don’t have hunt for it. We’ll do the work for you. 

Of note ?, we’ve moved the confidence level from the Objective to the Key Result. Perhaps the biggest benefit of confidence level measurement is the fact that it’s a live number that changes with your KR updates. Changing confidence levels communicate the situation to your colleagues and dramatically increases the predictability of your company performance. 


KR Update Notes 

We’ve noticed people—ourselves included—would like to include additional information when updating Key Results . It’s helpful to have a bit of context so we’re providing our users with a way to include notes during a Key Result update so you can keep your team up-to-date on what’s happening. 

Additional Key Result Types 

Along with defining Key Results that should increase/decrease or are Boolean, you are now able to define a Key Result where the target should stay above or below some threshold value . For example, you might have a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) where you have a contractual obligation to maintain a certain level of uptime. 

You can also define a critical value for the stay above/below Key Result type in cases where you have a threshold with a lower and upper limit.

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