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Related Items (Phase 1)
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Related Items: Link and show relationships between OKRs

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team
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We are excited to announce a new update to the Quantive Results platform that will enhance the way our customers manage their goals and align their teams. With the addition of Related Items, we are introducing two-way linking and improved relationship management functionality that will enable users to easily manage top-down goals, collaborate on shared objectives, and track progress of related items of different types.

The key highlight of this update is the introduction of two-way linking, which will enable users to establish relationships between Objectives and Key Results (KR) within the same session and for other sessions. For example, if a user says, "My OKR A is blocked by OKR B," the system will automatically show in OKR B that "OKR B is blocking OKR A." This feature will enable users to manage dependencies and informal horizontal alignment relationships between different Objectives and Key Results.

Furthermore, users will be able to select a type of link category, such as blocked by (blocks), supported by (supports), relates to, continuation of, or precedes. This will enable users to easily categorize and manage their relationships based on the type of link.

Another major improvement in this update is the inclusion of Key Results (and not just Objectives) in the relationship management functionality.

Lastly, we are making the Related Items available to the Quantive data sources, allowing users to report on the dependencies within their OKR program, and create Insightboards to display the reports. This will enable users to easily track the progress of related items of different types and improve their alignment, and visibility of the alignments from across the organization.

We are confident that these improvements will enable our customers to better manage their goals, align their teams, and improve their productivity. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this update and continuing to improve our product to meet your needs.

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