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Reduce overhead of managing OKRs

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) bring tremendous benefits to organizations using them: company-wide alignment , focus , and engagement . But, just as any other process – OKRs also mean overhead and spending the time managing them.

At Gtmhub, we help companies be successful with OKRs – and one way we do that is by making it so simple, that any overhead is negligible. When organizations employing hundreds or thousands of employees use OKRs, saving one meeting per week, removing unnecessary progress updates or making updates quicker translate into millions of dollars saved per year.

We’ve been hard at work to optimize the daily workflow of thousands of our users and recently released improvements based on feedback and careful study of how Gtmhub is used.

New user-centric OKR view

The large majority of our users logs in to Gtmhub on daily basis with one single goal in mind: to see and update their own progress. Before, they used to be presented with a list of all OKRs and had to filter OKRs, to show only their own. As this is such a typical task, we’ve made this now simpler with a new “My progress” screen.


Personalized My Progress screen

Personalized My Progress screen


When a user logs in to Gtmhub now, he or she will first be presented with this screen.

Moreover, to make the workflow even more precise, Gtmhub now also puts a section called “Urgent” at the top of “My progress” screen, which lists everything a user needs to do.


Personalized "To do" list

Personalized “To do” list


This section presents a user with everything that needs his attention, such as key results which have not been updated for a while, objectives which miss key results and so on.

Our preliminary observations showed that we were able to reduce user sessions timewise by as much as 30%. Moreover, with the clearly shown list of items user needs to take – countless emails between managers, OKR champions and employees have been rendered unnecessary.

Running OKRs on autopilot

Another common time sink for manager and OKR champions is the trivial process of reminding people to set their objectives and key results, as well as to update the progress.

The new cadence feature automates all this away, again saving thousands of hours and e-mail pings.


OKRs on auto pilot

OKRs on autopilot


OKR champions are now able to define the cadence on which OKRs should be updated, as well as the time when automated reports should be sent.

The check-in deadline will remind users that have not checked in their progress to do so via e-mail, as well as list all items that need updating in the “Urgent” section of “My progress” screen.


OKR check-in reminder email

OKR check-in reminder email


The new reports will also automatically send the most important highlights to managers and OKR champions, saving valuable time and surfacing only the important information.


Aggregated OKRs reports

Aggregated OKRs reports


The aggregated report brings the most important statistics, as well as all the issues that need to be taken care of, such as key results that were not updated or objectives that have no key results defined.

Business impact

With one of our clients, we are estimating that we will save up to 200,000 hours per year  through automated KR updates, accessible alignment views, individual reports and automated reminders.

If you would like to learn how Gtmhub can help your organization, our Customer Success team would love to discuss this with you: 

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