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Quantive Signals Product Roundup: October 2022 (KPI and KPI groups)

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

October was an exciting month for us at Quantive Signals. We released lots of exciting new updates to the platform to improve the user experience, covering KPIs and KPI Groups, Google Analytics version 4, and MySQL. Check out the updates below:


Cliff has now an improved version of KPIs in terms of readability. KPIs are metrics that organisations use to measure and track the performance of their business.

KPI groups

But tracking and analysing KPIs can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of them. That's where the KPI group comes in. KPI grouping is the organisation and categorization of KPIs into different groups or categories.


We are integrating GAv4 as a data source into our product. From now on, you can create streams from your GAv4 account and get a more comprehensive view of your data, which will help you make more informed decisions about your marketing and business strategies.


With the implementation of MySQL Collector, you can now easily extract data from MySQL databases and use it to create meaningful KPIs for your business. MySQL is one of the most widely used relational database management systems, and integrating it with your KPI monitoring process can provide valuable insights into your business operations.

The MySQL collector enables you to extract data from MySQL databases and transform it into the format required for KPI monitoring. You can then create KPIs based on this data and monitor them in real-time to gain valuable insights into your business operations.

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