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OKR Effectiveness (Quantive Results)

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new functionality: Effectiveness - a personal OKR advisor! 

Writing effective OKRs is probably the most important step in achieving our most important goals. Unfortunately, it’s also hard. Despite having best practices documented online and in books. Despite the availability of OKR champions and coaches, we, as individuals, rarely have the time and bandwidth to check our OKRs against all these valuable resources. At Quantive, we wanted to make the OKR creation process smoother, faster, and more efficient so that our you can write OKRs with confidence. 

Effectiveness analyzes your existing OKRs based on OKR best practices and provides you with a score and actionable insights on making them even better. For example, if the score is not High, it will suggest a better title to improve the overall evaluation. Or if a Key Result is not Quantifiable enough, it will flag it to you. 

By leveraging Effectiveness, you and your team will significantly reduce the time it takes to create effective OKRs. This functionality guides users towards setting strategic goals that truly move the needle and drive results. 

Where can I see it?  

The Effectiveness tab is located in the Platform Intelligence side panel when viewing the details of any objective or key result. 

To access this new functionality, simply click on the Platform Intelligence icon on the top right of the screen when viewing the details of an objective or key result. 

This will open the Unified Suggestions side panel and allow you to see the Effectiveness tab, along with all the other Platform Intelligence suggestions. 

 Once you have opened the “Effectiveness” section of the Unified Suggestions side panel, you will see the effectiveness assessment of the objective or key result with: 

  • An overall effectiveness score: Low/Medium/High with the corresponding color 

  • A short review of the effectiveness of the objective or key results

  • A checklist of categories of improvement together with how the objective or key result scores against them. 



The new Effectiveness functionality, part of Platform Intelligence, is now available to Quantive Results customers on the Commercial and Enterprise plans at no extra charge. 


Want to learn more? 

We developed this new feature to help our customers' OKR journey become smoother, faster and more efficient by leveraging the power of AI to deliver useful insights for effective goal setting. To learn more about leveraging Platform Intelligence in Quantive Results, please consult our help center articles


We are confident that with the introduction of Effectiveness, our customers will be able to write effective OKRs with ease. We are always aiming to bring you one step closer to achieving your goals and the new Effectiveness functionality will help you get there.

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