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New Account Data Importer and Bulk Editor

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

We released an Account Data Importer tool to provide a way for users to make numerous changes to data in their Gtmhub account very quickly.

Using an Excel environment, users can now bulk create, modify, and delete:

  • Sessions

  • Objectives and Key Results

  • Tasks

  • Users

  • Teams

How does this Account Data Importer save you time?

Quickly Edit OKRs, Users, and Teams
You already have your OKRs in Gtmhub, but you need to make a lot of changes and you want to make it fast and easy.

Seamlessly import your data from another system
You already have your goals set in another platform, there's an easy way to import that into your Gtmhub account.

Export your OKRs from Gtmhub
You need your Gtmhub OKRs in all your working spaces, here's a way to do it without having to write them all over again.

Want to try it out?

  • For US accounts - .us appears in the account URL - access the tool HERE.

  • For EU accounts - .us does not appear in the account URL - access the tool HERE.

To receive guided instructions, watch our video walkthrough or visit our help article on how to use the new Account Data Importer.

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