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Mobile App Version 4.1.0

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

In an effort to continually make bringing your OKRs on the go easier, we have a new version of the mobile app with the following improvements:

  1. Different Confidence Types: Our mobile app now supports the three different OKR confidence types that account admins can set up in their Gtmhub account.

  2. Limited Updates on Mirrored Key Results: We released the ability to mirror progress on cloned Key Results last month, and our mobile app has been updated to not allow manual updates to Key Results that mirror the updates of cloned Key Results.

  3. News Tab is Removed: We sunsetted our Announcement feature and our mobile app now reflects that change by removing the News tab, where Announcements were shared. Learn more

  4. General Improvements: We focused on removing some key bug fixes and making performance improvements to ensure a smooth experience when using the Gtmhub app.

Download the new version by visiting the App stores below:



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