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KPI, metric and OKR walk into a bar

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

For over two years, we have been pursuing our mission of allowing organizations to drive performance in real-time . To do that, we knew that we need to enable following:

  • An easy and intuitive way to set and manage OKRs 

  • Connect key results to live data coming from existing business systems (think Salesforce, JIRA, Google Analytics, databases, files…)

  • Allow everyone to track progress in real-time , collaborate and adjust as needed

We have had for quite some time one of the simplest OKR platforms on the market – thousands of people using Gtmhub speak to that.

We have also built 124 connectors to automatically update key results from pretty much any business system you can think of (from Salesforce to on-premise Oracle, even Google Forms).

What we are announcing today is the third component – the one that brings it all together. A set of features that tie OKRs and KPIs or metrics into a single command center.

Who owns a number?

When you browse Gtmhub Insightboards now, every metric or KPI that someone has attached to an OKR as a key result will have an avatar of a person that owns this metric. By clicking on the user, you will see the OKR that is driving this metric, as well as its progress.


Who owns the number?

Who owns the number?


With this new addition, you can easily see what metrics is your team driving – as well, as the ones no one owns.

Hey, are we going to do something about this?

Another common use case is to collaborate on insights. Perhaps, there is a metric that no one is working on. With the new insight comment functionality, you can easily start a conversation around numbers. By using mentions (@name), you can also notify your colleagues or other teams.


Insight collaboration




The latest updates to Gtmhub bring you a unified experience – where metrics and KPIs coexist with OKRs.

It is easy to find which metrics are being worked on, who works on them and what is the actual progress – all this in real time.

You can also start a discussion about metrics, invite colleagues to own them or create OKRs to improve them.


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