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Introducing KPI to OKR Linking

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

If you are against better alignment and transparency – this release isn’t for you!

Recognizing the importance of connection and transparency across all aspects of strategy execution, we have developed a significant addition to the Related Items OKR section that specifically enables you to link your KPIs to Objectives, Key Results, or other KPIs.

Visualize the relationship between KPIs and OKRs

Tackling the complexity of OKR impact head-on, our new feature offers seamless linkage between your KPIs and individual elements of OKRs, making this journey towards strategic alignment simpler than ever.

When you link a KPI, you can define whether the KPI leads, lags, or simply relates to the Objective or Key Result. This granularity provides the needed insight into the cause-and-effect relationships. Moreover, this increases visibility, equipping stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of your alignment to strategic results.

View Related Items in the Alignment tree

Extending beyond showing connections within OKRs and KPIs, you can also view related items within OKRs in the Alignment tree. Simply toggle on or off to leverage visibility on dependencies and outcomes.

What’s next for KPIs

This improvement is just the beginning. In fact, the best is yet to come. A feature on the horizon will focus on automating the relationship between KPIs and OKRs. Soon, you could bid goodbye to the repetitive task of manually updating progress on the same metric for a KPI and Key Result.

Try it out today

Ready to unlock the full potential of transparency and alignment? KPI linking is available for all customers on Scale, Commercial, or Enterprise plans, with access to KPIs.

Get started by logging in to your account or visit our help article on how to link related items.

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