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Introducing Granular Permissions for Teams and Data

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

More control with new granular permissions

If you strive for greater efficiency in team management and uncompromised security on your data, these new improvements are undoubtedly made for you! We are introducing two enhancements to our platform: Granular Permissions for Team Management and Access Control on Data.

More efficient team management

Until now, the vast scope of the Manage Teams permission presented challenges as giving permissions as a Team Manager, always gave full access to settings that could potentially disrupt your OKR organization structure.

Our new Granular Permissions for Team Management now make your life easier. The Manage Teams permission is now separated into individual permissions you can select, providing nuanced user management capabilities.

This enhancement brings you closer to an exceedingly efficient team management process, eliminating the complexities attached to broader permissions: precision and flexibility are now in your hands!

More convenient and secure data access

Similar to the Manage Teams challenge, the Manage Data permission was just as broad and posed even greater concerns over security. We found our customers were having to put the brakes on letting capable members create data connections in Quantive Results, due to the security risk of accessing what should be private data.

Our release of Access Control on Data is here to help you safeguard your sensitive data without compromising convenience. You can now set permissions at the Connection and Data Source levels to precisely define who can administrate the connection and who can view or use the data from each data source.

How to update your permissions

These improvements to permissions are available to all Quantive Results customers. Stringent data security doesn’t have to compromise convenience, and efficient team management doesn’t mean handing over broader permissions. Releasing more granular permission for your Teams and Data is another step to giving you more efficient user management that easily scales.

Login to your Quantive Results account and under account settings, go to "Manage roles" or "Data sources" to update your permissions.

To learn more, visit our help articles on how to update Manage Teams permissions or Data Source permissions.

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