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Gtmhub Workplace by Facebook integration

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

Just a few days after we’ve released Slack integration , today we are releasing a new integration for Workplace by Facebook !


Engaging your team with OKRs

All too often OKRs are something that people set at the beginning of the quarter and update at the end of the quarter. When OKRs are buried somewhere in a spreadsheet or a closed system, that is of little surprise.

Organizations that are truly successful with OKRs are actively engaged with them on weekly basis. Adjusting their execution, celebrating every victory and constantly reevaluating the direction. To help organizations do exactly that, at Gtmhub we have decided to bring OKRs where people already communicate and collaborate.

The first two systems for which we’ve added support are Slack and Workplace by Facebook .

What can Gtmhub do with Workplace by Facebook?

In essence, Gtmhub can publish all the important updates related to OKRs to a dedicated Facebook group.


Configuring Gtmhub Workplace integration

Configuring Gtmhub Workplace integration


You can choose which events you wish to broadcast. At the moment, we support following messages:

  • New objective is created 
    See what your colleagues are working on

  • Objective has been modified 
    Someone is changing plans; make sure you are in the know

  • New key result has been created 
    Someone is setting those stretch targets, applaud their ambition

  • Key result has been updated 
    Progress is being made, time to give credit where credit is due

  • New employee has been added 
    A new colleague is on board, wish him a warm welcome

  • Employee has been modified 
    Perhaps someone is promoted or changing teams

  • Team has been modified / Employee or manager changed 
    Changes in the team structure

  • New planning session has been created 
    Time to start thinking about your OKRs for the next period

  • Planning session has been updated 
    Session started or ended, time to reflect on what went well and what could be improved


Collaborating on OKRs from Workplace by Facebook

Collaborating on OKRs from Workplace by Facebook


If you are using Workplace by Facebook, here is a handy tutorial on how to enable it in Gtmhub.

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