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Get deeper OKR insights with the new Objective overview panel (Quantive Singularity)

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

The Objective overview in Quantive Singularity provides a comprehensive view of your Objective performance, including who is responsible, what is current progress, forecast, and Objective performance over time. The improved side panel now holds more valuable insights for specific objectives.

New Objective overview panel

You can now zoom in on specific Objectives to view impacting items to the Objective in focus and forecast with the new Sentiment insight.

  • Progress
    View current progress of a specific Objective with the change delta.

  • Forecast
    Show the expected KPI progress at the end of the selected session.

  • Sentiment
    Show how likely it is that this Objective will be achieved.

The Sentiment insight is estimated based on the Objective’s progress over time, confidence, comments, and tasks. It also takes into account session’s end date to calculate a number between 0 and 100. The bigger the number, the greater the likelihood of achieving the objective.


This feature is available for all customers of Quantive Singularity.

Want to learn more?

Visit our help article on what the Objective overview provides.

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