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Data encryption at rest

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

Gtmhub is designed from day one as a distributed, horizontally scalable, reliable and secure system. Over the past years, we have made sure that we not only develop a product that is enjoyable to use but also made sure that our customers and us can have peace of mind knowing that their data is secure with us.

Today we mark another milestone achievement on the cybersecurity front – end to end encryption for Gtmhub data. The Gtmhub application is only accessed enforcing strict HTTP security with TLS 1.2 connection. Now all data that gets into Gtmhub is also being encrypted with an AES-256 cipher. The cipher algorithm is approved for encrypting top secret information by the NSA. 

Gtmhub is designed as a distributed system consisting of a plethora of microservices. We have taken this approach to the extreme treating our data stores as just another microservice. The system operates by distributing the data across ten independent data stores. Each data store is encrypted with its own encryption key. Backup data is also encrypted with its own encryption keys before being stored into independent encrypted backup media.

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