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Check-ins improvements: notifications and mentions

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

We are delighted to announce that we released a set of improvements to our Check-ins feature today. These improvements include UI/UX improvements, but also, and more importantly, we introduced mentions and improved the notifications to make them more useful.  


Quick overview of Check-ins  

Working with OKRs requires adaptability, focus, and coordination. From defining ambitious objectives to tracking results to aligning as a team to achieve the best possible.  

A critical practice to make OKRs successful is to perform recurring check-ins. Check-ins are short meetings held regularly, ideally weekly, to connect as a team, track OKR progress, and eliminate possible obstacles.    

A big benefit of check-ins, among other things, is the quick reaction time from teams. At each meeting, current topics can be discussed, problems and risks can be identified early on, and targeted adjustments can be made to the plan to deliver OKRs, or to address blockers.  

Another substantial benefit of using check-ins as part of the OKR cadence is that they tighten employee engagement and drive high-performing teams that work very well together. Collaboration and conversations around progress, achievement, and blockers help identify ways to do things better and faster.   

Check-ins are essential in operational collaboration within the OKR Cycle and are a very helpful element. 

That’s why we built Check-ins, a team collaboration feature, at the core of Quantive Results, that helps your team make their meetings even more effective, collaborative, and engaging. Quantive’s Check-ins empowers team members to share context and progress updates on their OKRs proactively. Check-ins help to drive alignment and visibility while boosting collaboration within teams by creating more conversation around the work being done.    


Notification improvements  

When we launched the Check-ins feature at the very beginning of this year, we aimed to give every team member as much individual visibility as possible. This came with some trade-offs in terms of the volume of communications. We heard you.  

So, this week, we are releasing an update to the notifications on Check-ins. Users will no longer receive an email every single time a member of their team submits a Check-in. Instead, users will receive a summary, containing the highlights of the Check-ins submitted by the team, with a link to view more. And if you are part of more than one team, we thought about you: the aggregated emails will include the summaries of the multiple teams you are part of.  



Teamwork makes the dream work. Check-ins offer a great medium to encourage collaboration, recognize others, and call for support. We decided to boost collaboration by delivering notifications when users insert an “@” mentions of a co-workers in their Check-ins. When a user is mentioned in a Check-in, they will immediately receive a notification via email and within Quantive Results, so they can react, start a discussion, or simply enjoy the compliment.    

Check-ins availability in the mobile app

In addition to the aforementioned updates, users of the mobile app will be delighted to see that Check-ins are now also visible in the mobile app. This way, you and your team never lose the thread of what is happening, even on the go.

For now, Check-ins are view-only in the mobile app but we intended to empower users to submit Check-ins on the mobile app in the next few months.

There is more coming  

This is the start of a series of enhancements we have in store for the Check-ins feature. In the next few months, we will further boost team collaboration and effectiveness in Check-ins by empowering users to react to and comment on each other's Check-ins, and to link to OKRs and KPIs directly within their Check-ins.  

Stay tuned.  



These improvements are available to all customers who use Check-ins. Check-ins is available to customers on the Scale, Commercial, and Enterprise plans.   


Want to learn more?  

To learn more about how the Check-ins feature can help you be better informed of progress, connect better as a team, and run team meetings more efficiently, please read our help center article


Thank you for choosing Quantive Results, we look forward to seeing how these improvements will help you connect better as a team and be more informed of the progress being made. 

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