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Annoucing new connectors for Excel Online, Intercom, Basecamp and Asana

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

Data is love.

Data is life. Data is everywhere nowadays, and analytics dominate most aspects of daily life. Especially true for businesses. Can a company even function without data anymore? Short answer –  no . Companies use data to shed light on their most critical business matters, gain competitive advantage and grow faster than ever. Used in almost all sectors, data helps businesses enhance their decision-making process and reach conclusions based on facts, not gut feeling.  Highly data-driven organizations are 3 times more likely to report serious improvement in decision-making .  

Dynamic Key Results 

Smarter decisions mean more effective business strategies. That’s where data-driven Objectives and Key Results come in. To build a successful business strategy you not only need the right goal-setting framework, but also data-fueled metrics. And it’s best when it’s all automatic, right? Automatic metrics are the sweet spot of Gtmhub. Our platform dynamically connects to over 150 business systems and updates key results automatically and in real-time. Gtmhub’s Dynamic Key Results  prevent businesses from losing momentum or sight of their goals. Everyone within the organization knows exactly what he/she is fighting for and performs with determination and intent. And that’s exactly how it should be. Thanks,  Data ! You too,  Automation ! 


Gtmhub has hundreds of useful integrations that automatically pull data in and then turn it into meaningful insights. We have some more for you! We’re now introducing a new batch of connectors: for Excel Online, Intercom, Basecamp and a second volume for Asana.  

Excel Online

Do we even need to introduce Excel? Excel Online is the online version of Microsoft Excel – a web-based application for creating, updating and modifying spreadsheets, and sharing live data. 

Recognizing the need for organizations to make sense of their accumulated data, we developed a connector for Excel Online. This allows you to sync data from online spreadsheets and link it to Gtmhub to have your KRs automatically updated. You can finally visibly connect your most valuable numbers and information to your goals. Accounting teams must be over the moon!

See how to connect your Excel Online spreadsheets to Gtmhub here . 


Intercom is one of the most popular customer messaging platforms that let you segment and communicate with your audience at scale. Intercom is the perfect Customer Service Management platform for improving customer satisfaction. 

Supported Data Sources – Intercom 

And you can now connect it to Gtmhub. What a match! You will be able to automate Key Results across different departments that use the Intercom platform – from Sales, Marketing and Customer Success to Support and Engineering. This integration will provide you valuable high-quality operational metrics that can have tangible bottom-line effects on your revenues. We are enabling you to see how effective your communication with prospective and existing customers is. And incorporate this into your goals and long-term strategic plan. How convenient!

Refer to our online knowledge base  to see how it’s done! 


Basecamp is a favorite project management tool that attracts with its simplicity and real-time communication possibilities. 

Since we are also voting for easy collaboration, we were inclined to integrate with a tool like Basecamp. You are now equipped to create data nourished KRs, such as closed To-Dos, created Projects, etc. Real effectiveness is knocking on the door!

Supported Data Sources – Basecamp 


Check our online knowledge base  for more information.


Asana is one of the most well-known and extensively used work management platforms out there. It is designed to help teams organize and keep track of projects and daily tasks. 

We’re also into work management and productivity, so we thought “Isn’t this the perfect fit?” We decided to significantly upgrade our connector to incorporate the entire data model of Asana. You can now automate various OKRs and have the data pour from Asana – from tasks, projects, project statuses, tags, etc. Sounds like this connector will let you finally become the productivity wizard you aspire to be!

Supported Data Sources – Asana 

Go to our online knowledge base  for more information! 

What’s next?

More connectors. Yes, we are Captain Obvious. We’ve made a vow to not let OKRs become the administrative hurdle you are afraid of! And we are keeping that vow with the help of our Dynamic Key Results! Watch this space for further connections.

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