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Ability to Preselect Reviewers in the Approval Workflow

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

The Approval workflow feature helps you to improve the OKR process. The approval workflow has three stages - Draft, In review, and Approved. Once the Approval Workflow is added to a Session, all OKRs must be approved before they are published, allowing you greater control over the OKR process.

Previously, anyone could approve OKRs that were sent for approval. We have improved on this, giving you the ability to preselect who can approve OKRs, ensuring that only relevant stakeholders from across the business can approve OKRs for the Session.

Improvements to the Approval Workflow
The ability to preselect reviewers for the Approval Workflow has been released for Scale and Enterprise customers. This does not change the flow of submission and approval of OKRs but introduces some additional possibilities:

  • You can easily compile a preselected list of approvers (both users and teams), providing additional flexibility and control over the approval process, and ensuring only relevant individuals and teams can approve OKRs.

  • You can determine whether individuals or teams are permitted to approve their own OKRs

  • You can still apply the previous logic of the Approval Workflows and allow anyone to approve OKRs by selecting all users and teams using a checked box.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how to utilize Approval Workflows for your organization, visit our help article here.

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