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Weekly Product Roundup for 03.18.22

AUTHOR: Quantive Product Team

This week we added 7 new features to our roadmap and launched 2 new time-saving features: auto-selection of a Session when creating Objectives and a Custom Fields table. Check out what's new:

Custom Fields Table

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When organizations start using large numbers of Custom Fields, our current view for seeing the Custom Fields was difficult to navigate. We designed a new Custom Fields grid view and added the ability to use filters and sorting to allow admins to manage Custom Fields faster and easier than before.

Want to try it out? Visit our help article on how to create Custom Fields.

Auto-Selecting Session for Objectives

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When creating an Objective, the Session will now be auto-selected if there is only one open, or if there are multiple open Sessions, you can select from a searchable drop-down list within the create Objective form. This improvement will remove unnecessary clicks and make creating Objectives smoother.

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New Roadmap Features

Here are new features that were added to our Product Roadmap:

  1. An integration with Miro

  2. Sharable URLs for OKRs

  3. Navigating Whiteboards with a Mouse

  4. Tag Users in Whiteboards

  5. Confluence Plugin

  6. Notifications for Failed Data Source Syncing

  7. Improved Reports and Notifications

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